Awake, inherit

Truth, never needs the world’s acceptance.

It would be an insult to our being to say a label like “murderer” can represent who we are. We are all children of God, meaning complete being. We advanced toward that completeness when we surrender all in prayer.

The world tries to limit and distort what was already perfected as ideas of Soul. Remember, your thinking molds your experience. The world would have you hijacked by suggestions. You are more than a fleeting reality. 

God‘s love for his children is all-encompassing. When we master the environment of the thought, our experience will obediently fall in line with the rise of consciousness. 

Changing a venue will seem promising at first glance. Then, we realize the same problems are arriving at our new address. Fight the good fight. The victory is closer than you think. 

For us, life has not changed, the facts remain the same. We must stop with the status quo, and embrace the things of spirit now.🙏🏾🎉


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