Site Navigation Instructions (reward at end if read!)


Now I understand technology can be confusing at times, so here are some basic instructions on how to get to the various aspects of this site. As you know: is the website, but here’s what you do when you get there:

1. You’ll notice well you first make it to the website’s home there will be the most recent post glaring at you and ready for reading, commenting, and feedback.

2. Feedback is best contributed via email, which I or my scribe ddadoha will do our best to respond to. This site can always improve, and I really do appreciate your thoughts so please don’t be shy.

3. On the side of the post you’ll notice the general info of the post (ie. date, author etc.). At top left corner click on the globe and you will see pages, posts, etc.

4. Lastly, on the very top, you will find 3 amazing buttons. In the center will be the title of the website, which you can click on to look at my WordPress account if you’d like. Guide your eyes up a little further and you’ll notice 2 remaining buttons. On the left are what WordPress calls widgets…or WordPress can all them what you like ðŸ™‚

5. These widgets include calendars, recent events, a soon to be updated chat-page and more. On the right of that is a little magnifying glass representing search, which will come in handy as the posts and pages amount to the hundreds and you need something specific.


That about sums it up 😀




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