Awake, Inspiration


Are we living in a world where the rule maker becomes the big rule breaker (dragon, devil)? This is another example of being mastered by a thinking that causes doubt and a critical view of ourselves. We become a slave to the mistake or the sins we see in others. It is our choice. We can keep seeing the person as the problem, struggling with sin, sickness, and death; in turn, the problems become ours, our experience, until the thought is corrected. Christ proved seeing an individual rightly, with a spiritual-minded vision, as the product of God will usher in some fantastic happenings. God’s plan is the only reality. When we get out of the way, the attributes of God become the only product in thought and deed. Kindness is never dependent on the act, but the deeds of kindness need a kind thinker. Though a malicious thinkers may hide behind deeds of kindness, but can’t escape the destructive fruits in their unchecked world. In the body of Christ, we are his imperishable children. Individually, actions become an expansion of our thinking. Christ sees everything clearly, representing attributes of the kingdom. We all are working towards that understanding, and in our struggle, we are growing stronger with each victory. While mortals willingly remain miserable in the dream, in a world full of limits. Our goal is not to find completeness in this naught of a world, but to discover our oneness with the Father. The objectification of divine ideas will happen at the rate of understanding this unbreakable relationship.I will always see you in Christ, without Limits. Living in his body transforms the entire experience. All have a place in this body, even the feeble and less than honorable. Our magnificence comes to light when we stop being hard on ourselves. Grace is universal without limit, absolving us of mortal mind’s claim. Gace to others should be a natural inclination to the divinely inspired thinker. Journey on!πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰