Awake, Inspiration

The body of divine thought & experience can not be infiltrated when guarded like a precious jewel.

The renovation of thought is to stop accepting or entertaining thoughts that were never yours. The body is not the flesh. The body is the entire experience. The ills of the body/experience are linked to mortal thought. Our immortality In Christ annuls the penalty of mortal Mind. The carnal mind was never yours. It’s body of experience was never yours. The fruits of this mind are sin, sickness, and death were never yours. The truth you entertain transforms your entire body of experience. All your daily transactions will begin to reflect perpetual harmony, truth, life, and love, your oneness with the Father. The dragon would have you own a limited perception of you and then punish you for accepting this falsity as your own. Paul recommended in II Corinthians chapter 5:16 we stop referring to this false sense of ourselves and accept the newness in Christ.🙏🏾