Food for thought!

An affirmative statement

Every time you declare you are perfect in God, there goes through the body a health giving power.
When you realize this truth of truths, that you are now, not will be perfect in God, without a single doubt, wonderful changes will come to pass.
But let me urge you, however difficult it may seem, to declare times without number, that you are perfect, joyful, triumphant and complete.
Say often: God is my strength. God is my life. God is my health and understanding.
You have dominion in Him over the world, the flesh and the devil, a dominion that is omnipotent – your life is in Him. No power can bind you. God is the only life, Spirit is the only substance, Love is the only cause, harmony is the only law, now is the only time.
This is God’s spiritual household; nothing can enter to annoy or destroy, to manifest sin, sickness or discouragement; for God fills this household with perfect love and peace, and governs every member of it.
There can be no willpower, obstinacy nor animal magnetism to darken the atmosphere of any home, for God indeed dwells on earth and governs every event.
There is no evil condition of thought that can argue or suggest or make any law to dominate me, or control me, intimidate me or crush me, or bring any evil to pass upon me, or shut out of my consciousness any good.
There is no law of failure, no want, no poverty, lack or limitation.
There is no law but divine law, which is plenty, abundance, harmony and dominion. There is no mortal mind, or minds, good, bad or indifferent, individual, collective or universal that can touch me or anyone in the radius of my thoughts this day, for God, good governs me and every member of my household with perfect love.
Beloved Father-Mother, give me this wisdom to meet the problems that come up today, give me the understanding to deny error. Give me grace to remain silent when it is not necessary to speak.
O, Love take me in, give me one Mind, one consciousness; and enable me to love my neighbor as myself. When I cease to judge, criticize or condemn, I begin to make progress.”

Author Unknown