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We must put out the fires at home first, then you have the backing of an entire nation. Putting God first is key.

Charity Begins at Home – Meaning, Examples, Origin, Expansion, Importance

  • Meaning. The proverb ‘Charity begins at home’ means that one should first provide for the needs of his/her family before moving on to helping others for charity.
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Charity Begins at Home – Meaning, Ex…

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Words soothe the death ears,

The heart speaks louder than words, and divinely inspired action takes us beyond the display of titles, – kings, tyrants, priests, levites, etc.”. Remember, the outward doesn’t tell the story; so, look deeper and find the heart of gold in the least. Their honor is in serving the Father.🙏🏾🎉

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Never yours

It’s never the same dream, and that’s all it is. It is losing the fight. It is a fatherless nothing, fading before your consciousness. Evil is exposed to the point of witnessing its own destruction. You are not entrapped by mortal mind’s circumstantial evidence. In thought, stay high, your love is conquering the lie. Your perception is changing about those solid limited things. They are fading from your conscious scene. Everything good is fresh and taking on the appearance of your deep understanding. No reversal, or repackaging the same evil. To Love: is to be at the point of no return! Things to our backside, are forgotten dreams, never turn back or validate them as something. (The dream can never enter your closet; Love keeps the light on!)🙏🏾🎉


Imagine living in a dream,

Imagine living in a dream, with no possibility of waking up. Some may think that’s great early on, until they look under the hood of this Adam dream. We all come to realize it has no power at all, with many restrictions imposed on the dreamer. In this dream, death is the only end game. The mortal mind proclaims itself as our mind and leads us to unwanted fruits. Out of desperation, some have tried to escape, though to no avail. They would eventually submit to their only seeming existence, and it’s laws, but is it the only option? Christ revealed the way and life that’s devoid of an end date. We can honestly leave all behind from this world, and follow Christ as the only way of eternal life. Then, the heavenly ideals will be added unto us, understanding will bring about their emergence. Finally, our life will have an ending in peace and perpetual harmony. Love and Live.🙏🏾🎉



We may have different stories but the pain feels similar. We may be different in color but we are authored in the image and likeness of Love. The One we all can turn to is God. He does not see us as a lacking or superior people but as magnificent children. We are where we are, by His grace, and because of our forgiveness of others, we are absolved of our debts. His understanding is life and all being. For that, perpetual harmony is always within reach. The only thing that paints that fleeting reality is a change in perspective, leaving you disheveled with a limited expectations of recovery. Fortunately, God is ready and willing to deliver us from an ill-advised perspective.🙏🏾☀️


We are United in Love,

The government wants you to think whites people were the only slave owners. When we revisit slavery and the oppressers, which was a dark period for the world. Whites, African Americans, and yes Native Americans had slaves. Look it up, it’s sad but true. If we are looking to point the finger at someone, look no further than the Bible, Adam and his dream. He was the author of depraved will, the father of all humanity’s oppression. Fortunately, Christ awakened us to a life everlasting. Christ Love lifted us all from that yoke of bondage.
We must Love the character of humanity and watch those characters become more prevalent to the consciousness than the material picture. Then, and only then, we are making lasting progress. Love & Live forever! 🙏🏾🎉

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Right Ideas,

We don’t have to see what is good to know what is good. The Global Community and also family, friends, and neighbors represent that good. Ideas of God are indestructible. Our Lighted thought turns us metaphysically into a new display, full of imperishable ideas ready to be discovered. 🙏🏾🎉

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This World

This world is simply a canvas of where we are in our understanding, and never a true reflection of the imperishable ideas held in the great circle of Life, Truth, and Love, meaning God. God Law of Love is advancing us towards this infinite sense of life everlasting. What was thought to be limits are falling away, on this perfect day. 🙏🏾🎉