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The mark of the beast.

Some think the mark is a microchip or some other ephemeral means of making individuals obedient to the devil. My take! It is the actions of the evil-doer (beast) wanting to make us vulnerable to the world through sin and its mark or imprint on our thinking. Fortunately, the answer is within reach. Our closet time is the shield. It quiets the five corporal senses and denies entry to the beast.

Spiritual consciousness is where we are, refusing to let our guards down while battling the ephemeral suggestions. Remember, sin can only be found in the world. Something simple like being personally offended, or acting on depraved wills, can leave a mark on the body. Fortunately, Love, the Gabriel in all of us, is more powerful than the beast. We live in Christ.πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰