Awake, calm, light within

Labels or Being, your choice, but is it?

We all fall for that trap of labels which are at best very restrictive.  Labels are an extension of where we think we are in an uninvited thinking. When moments of frustration ensue with uncategorized individuals, Labels are a shortcut for the shallow surface description of a person, place, or thing. However, our spiritual orientation, sound mind, and true being are all there is. I thank God for his grace in allowing us to see beyond the contours of this world, and witness our true unblemished individual identity, as children of God. I think we all fall into the category of labeler when we are impressed by what we should have left behind. The Bible talks about the renewing of our mind, not the shell of a body, we tend to live out in this world. We are all children of God and their supersede all other descriptions. Labels are restrictive, while being, a child of God, signifies completeness. To tell whether it is a being or a label, are your witnesses from the inward or outward, the permanent or the translucent? 

In our state of being, holism is never dependent on world acceptability, but on understanding of our entirety in Love. Unfortunately, labels are a constrictive construct, based on the whims of the world. Furthermore, the labels will have you drowning in obedience to the human law, world view, – while in our being, our unchanged reality that is, the world is devastated because we are breathing fine in the word, residing in this perfect place. πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰