Awake, love

Our Divine Nature

Our divine nature is unimpeachable. Our oneness with the Adam’s dream is sadly a taught doctrine, and then we endure the penalty of this schizophrenic mortal law. God is Love, and we are an emanation of this this unwavering fact. Claim your oneness with our Father, and discover our death less reality in Christ Jesus. We don’t have to wait on this life, it is now as the master promised, to those believe on him (John 11:26). You are the manifestation of Love. Love never needs to be taught, it is a natural inclination for all God’s children. Remember, we will see what’s blind to this world thought. Your light is an inspiration to someone thousands of miles away. No space between loves, one body. 🙏🏾🎉

Awake, prayer

We all have a right to our perception, only God have jurisdiction over that Reality.

We can’t override someone else’s perception of something to justify our own. Remember, Jesus encouraged us to work out our own salvation and he also gave us an 11th commandment, to love our neighbor as thyself, even if they haven’t found their way To loving you. 🙏🏾🎉