Imagine living in a dream,

Imagine living in a dream, with no possibility of waking up. Some may think that’s great early on, until they look under the hood of this Adam dream. We all come to realize it has no power at all, with many restrictions imposed on the dreamer. In this dream, death is the only end game. The mortal mind proclaims itself as our mind and leads us to unwanted fruits. Out of desperation, some have tried to escape, though to no avail. They would eventually submit to their only seeming existence, and it’s laws, but is it the only option? Christ revealed the way and life that’s devoid of an end date. We can honestly leave all behind from this world, and follow Christ as the only way of eternal life. Then, the heavenly ideals will be added unto us, understanding will bring about their emergence. Finally, our life will have an ending in peace and perpetual harmony. Love and Live.πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰