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The plan has been foiled. God’s will stands in the way of our own self-destruction.

The genocide of the black community from every stage of life. First, all life is precious. Question, where are the researchers, policy analyst reports before the law, nowhere to be found. Policies should sustain and further the life of all communities, never to injury or maim. Our babies are dying on a genocidal level partly because of the motives of the founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who wanted to kill off the African American population. God’s love is bigger than this. 

‘I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more’

Ezekiel 21:27 – KJV


Tragic report: More Black babies are aborted in New York City than are born

Awake, love

In God, we find our voice.

Isn’t it amazing how no voices try to set the criteria of something given to us by the will of God? The no voices want to take away our freedom of speech. In their limited material world they think that the substance of everything that comes forth has some material origin. My parents always taught me to never be impressed by those who have much to say, but those who are quiet, calm, and assured by the Father. At all moments, the Father’s authority is acting on our behalf behind the scenes because our thinking never needed a material gesture to validate its authority. Love doesn’t need a voice, its expressions come through no matter what. Our mental acuity is gathering strength in this moment of truth and offering grace & strength to those who have no voice, for love is the emancipator. Our resilience is becoming stronger in grace from that voice within. God’s love doesn’t need a material voice. The results speak for themselves.🙏🏾🎉

Awake, love, victory

You are a star!

We can rename ourselves a hundred times over, and find nothing has changed in the truth-telling mirror image found residing deep within our heart. When we become less concerned with being in the image that never satisfy the sleepers of the world; then, we see self-loathing as a mindless fixation, leading to Further enslavement to the assessment and opinion of others. However, to advance towards a way out of this conundrum, we must affirm our divine existence. For, In Christ we are an unblemished newness representing who we truly are, waiting to be discovered.🙏🏾🎉