2+2 = the answer define where you are, Inspiration

We are imperishable in Him and made wonderful by Them.

No draining away of our virtue when witnessing the principles of Christ heal others at the will of God. Just know, the principles of math are not lost in its journey to express truth. Also, the principle of life, as we are in Christ, is never drained or weakened by problems. Our being will never shrink, as this world would have it. We will always win in the moment of Truth. Some devoted to this world will never see the pearly gates and will never see us where we are in the His moment. God’s Good is unfolding perfectly.πŸ™πŸΎ

2+2 = the answer define where you are, Awake

To be transformed,

To be transformed is to advance towards an ascending idea. All else is a degradation of who we are as – being, idea, and completeness. It is troubling when we have to have men or women confirm, accept, and approve of who we are. Some may say that you are limited in movement because you are without limbs. However, your right-thinking taps into the source of all being, God, removing mountains, and advancing ideas beyond brute force or world thought. There is nothing restrictive about the body of Christ and the sooner we accept that body as ours, the limits begin to fall away.πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰