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Our guaranteed supply!

Look, we have a supply chain crisis in America, affecting food, and other critical supplies. However, there are no supply chain issues in sending weapons and money to other countries. Just remember, God is and will always overturn, overturn, and overturn the malicious motives of others while, at times, saving us from ourselves. The Father chain of events is unimpeachable. Furthermore, our supply is in Him, for that – never interrupted, but enveloped in Her love. Love is universal, and it would be beside Herself, to think that an all-loving creator could author hate. God is one Entity. If there was an opposite, we give it life, not God, while sleeping in the delusional existence. Our goal each day is to search out the qualities of soul, the divine good, in those darkest hours. Soon, the truth will overlay the delusion, knowing the dream never had an origin in God or his beloved child, you.🙏🏾🎉


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