Awake, calm, grace

The problem was never ours,

Most problems of today are found in the Bible. The sinner will use it as a justification. This misguided thinker concludes after only scratching the surface, to serve it’s desired end. The individuals who seek to separate themselves from sinful thoughts and nonentity’s deeds, find reformation and life in the pages of this deathless word, and by reading on, getting the deeper message that rescues us all from today’s challenges. Remember, the Bible is a guide to Life everlasting. The Father’s deep love for His children never commingle with sin, but rises above all else, ensuring our victory in Him. 🙏🏾🎉

Awake, grace, light within, prayer

In the news?

“Nigeria said it has about 8,000 nationals in the country and some have managed to cross the border into neighbouring countries. Video

Video Duration 02 minutes 02 seconds 02:02African students struggle to make it out of Ukraine

On Sunday, the Nigerian government expressed concern over reports of discriminatory behaviour by Ukrainian and Polish border guards against its nationals.”