Don’t bite the hook. God is in control.

The ills of the earth are a manifestation of Babel-driven-motives. A desire to be God. So, when others cast their hook filled with empty promises, we bite the hook and accept its destructive dreams/predictions, fearful to let go. Remember, we can choose to live in a world of Chaos or peace, the choice is ours. Our senses are a servant to the Mind directing them. Embrace the qualities of soul and allow it to form a new environment based on right motives, ensuring a life of peace, not chance, or unfounded predictions. I was in the pathway of a horrendous storm. The danger seemed imminent based on National and local weather predictions. My family and I prayed, sang hymns, and rejoiced in God’s absolute care. Looking out the basement window the tornado was a quarter of a mile from having a direct hit on our community. I then continued rejoicing with my family, surrendering my care over to Him, at peace. Late that evening, the news reported how the storm abruptly turned away from our community. We gave credit to God. His law of Love rose above natural science. Another reminder of His lasting peace. 🙏🏾🎉


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