Awake, grace, love, prayer

Love, love, love… Lifts us all.

Congressman Clyburn is the go-to guy, who is the convenient black when it comes to voting rights. Clyburn is a picture of progress, Rising above segregationist sympathizers, during his time. I would like to know what parts of the constitution say varying opinions should be considered enemies of the state. now an African-American is using a segregationist playbook. Love is more powerful than intolerance. As our understanding grows, love makes room for everyone’s redemption. Who are we to think we are above the need of grace. The history of segregationists was painted by the brush of the democratic party. Most of the civil rights legislation was passed by the votes of Republicans, the enemies of today. However, love was big enough to see them through, and grace was there for the deserved and undeserved. We all been there before. Just maybe he will See Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream as a reality in all times when we put God first. Of course, this is coming from a black caucus that has a long history of accomplishments, like the massive incarceration bill, empowering the black community. I am glad Jesse Jackson was one of the few from our community to oppose such legislation. We are one people under God and never divided by malicious motives.🙏🏾🎉


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