Awake, grace, love

Grace, is it still there?

What happened to grace in our society. Question: How many times have we’ve been given the wrong order at a restaurant? Did we make a big fuss over it or did we take a deep breath and think about the times we’ve fallen short, and Divine Love was there, gracing us with her presence? For me, Grace is difficult to express in those stagnant moments. Though, how much power we gain by putting it to practice. The giver and the recipient are blessed. Some days are tightly wound by unforeseen circumstances. During these times, a splash of grace seems to bring an end to this madness. Grace is poetry in motion, unearned, yes, but a wonderful way to reestablish the moment. When we look in the Bible, charity is first mentioned by Paul, where it says, ‘Let all your things be done with charity.1 Corinthians’ 16:14 – KJV. I am ending in charity it is an unearned action step grace blessing the giver and receiver. Love is a natural inclination. Remember, grace is to know the atmosphere before it happens.🙏🏾🎉