The American Dream,

The great American dream has turned upside down. It used to be, most people would strive to achieve things in life and to be able to pass that wisdom, knowledge and possibly wealth on to their children and grandchildren. Today, we live in a society thatโ€™s willing to allow the government to pay for just about everything, and guess what, itโ€™s at a price. Before your kids are born, Or your grandchildren have entered the world, they will be handed a debt with enormous ramifications. The is loosing its value each time we enlist in these give always at a price. We can continue to allow the government to borrow on the future generation to pay off our debts and pass on the legacy of failures instead of doing as we do each day, to go and surrender to God and ask for forgiveness of our debts, as we forgive others. Resilience is not taking the easy path and passing on your debt to the next generation. It is build off of listening to God gathering the tools that are beyond this world and seeing possibilities open up for a debt-free life. I have an experienced this type of behavior since working in the field of drug treatment, mothers and fathers were willing to sell just about everything in order to get that next alteration to their reality, even using their kids credit. The thinking of the future generation should debt-free or debt of their own making. We are all governed by God and and with him there are no strings attached. How is this empowering people. We all deserve our dignity. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰