Mental climate

Changing the mental climate will make change a good and lasting outcome. How many times have we walked in a room and felt the coldness in an atmosphere seemingly devoid of love? We can continue to make cosmetic changes and have a short-lived pristine moment. Question: How can we stretch this moment out to eternity? It all begins within. Instead of worrying about the trash we see, we must clean house within our thinking, of mortal thinking. Affirm: Nothing is disheveled in God’s kingdom nor is it true about our thinking. When we acknowledge the warm, loving environment within, as the only environment, amazing real-time happenings will unfold. Carnal thinking is incapable of expressing compassion, charity, and goodwill to all humanity. The less we subject ourselves to the laws of this world and adhere to the laws demonstrated by Christ Jesus, we will see the things we think coming into manifestation, while others struggle with elements of lawlessness, even in presence of your calm. Jesus proved right motives have fruits beyond human explanation. πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰


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