Awake, love

The Entry Point is Understanding,

We must think on the world we want and deserve. Our Individual Spiritual Orientation has brought us together, resulting in progress on a global scale.The world is spiritually awakening to a freedom it never knew possible. When faced with this new & actual reality, In this moment of Truth, freedom held by the thoughts of many are awakened and can’t be turned back. We are spiritually oriented and advancing towards a place we’ve never been before, surrounded by Divine Love. Beneath the rubble of resistance, the kingdom within is still intact, peaking out, surveying the possibilities of a better Life for us and future generations. History is of our making, a retrofit of where we are in our understanding. We are one in that same humanity. What seems to be an obstacle is nothing before consciousness, all collated for the good. In the light of truth, misinformation can’t touch or diminish our divinely inspired effort. πŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ‰