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We are all God’s children

Something foreign here. While serving in the military, they implemented an overweight person program in basic training. I was always taught growing up, to stand with your comrades. The identified individuals were given a rigorous exercise routine. I did not like this targeting, I stood with them by enrolling in the program. After losing 35lbs, they ordered me to eat and stop supporting others. I told them there is no letter (I) in team and everyone brings something special to the table. Initially, I was punished. I grew stronger, and others join me in overturning this unequal treatment. This was our movement. We stood as one against the tyranny of the Drill Sergeants. We won and the Drill Sergeant learn a thing or two from us! I feel the same way today. God views us all as honorable. He sees what he created as being intact. If others are being restricted from Community resources, sounds divisionist 101. Remember, Divine Love has no boundaries or is in search of some credence from this world. If my brother and sister are restricted, then I’m restricted because we are one body. If God allows us to make choices in life, who can say their authority is above the Father?πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸΎ


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