Prayer and Right Thinking works!

What Proceeds after prayer are more powerful than an empty hope, Which would be the results of putting our trust in man. When it is God’s guidance, that’s a true action step and the results are for the betterment of humanity. Again, Prayer should be the prerequisite to all actions and then we will witness something truly extraordinary, like peace and a complete climate restoration, redeemed through Mind. First, we must let go of our plans and know this, this world can never replace the ideals we find in Jesus. Unfortunately, Some failed social policies were driven by selfish motives wanting to enslave the thinking & emotions of the general population. The truth set you free, and that’s free to think. That’s better than a depraved thinking, the possible prerequisite to the environmental / ecological issues that we have today. When people say prayer is not working. I would encourage them to give it another try and see how it works out. Also, make sure to quiet those five senses during your closet time.🙏🏾🎉