In this world,

Some people in this world would have you believe that life is without answers, as stagnant, hopeless, and limited. However, we can turn towards something that, in spite of the seeming evidence that’s in front of us, something else remains intact. It is a place that has no earthly address, but prayer opens the way. I’m talking about a place that offers answers not just for today but of all times when we look through our spiritual consciousness, meaning actively living our understanding. So, when your world seems uncertain and out of control, know this, The One Supreme Father-Mother holds you in perfect peace, and her grace washes away our miscued assessments of where we thought we were. You are the vehicle or tour guide to a place more powerful than the total of all the problems in the world. Now, be that way to the weary wanderers on the side of the road. Many are tired of being reactionary to a world full of uncertainties. Tell them the answer is within us; our unfeigned love for humanity opens the door to a life more fulfilling, a kingdom full of answers. We are Love and can only respond with Love while Grace takes us the rest of the way.πŸ™πŸΎ