The Unvaccinated,

The government may consider you the new leopards, gentiles, and Samaritans. Jesus overturned this despicable practice with love that resuscitated the consciousness of all humanity. Some People in America want to revisit the unthinkable, imploying hate toward a particular group because of ancestry connection to slavery. With that type of thinking, we should root out the author of all slavery, sin, sickness, and death in this world. That would be Adam the dreamer, the author and slave of limits. He never awakened, and that dream has led humanity to sin, sickness, and death. This mortal dream would say, we are authored by a man, and our lineage goes back to Adam, the original oppressor, and blamed the woman for his problems. We would need to hate all humanity to include ourselves, with such thinking. From the material sense, we all have lineage to Adam.However, as we claim our true lineage with the Spirit, Truth, Life, and Love will be understood as the norm, replacing all those carnal beliefs. So, in love, not hate, we advance toward our eternal narrative by way of Christ Jesus. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’‘