By Clearing My Thought, Cleared My Drain, And Renovated My Reality!

My mother had some health concerns and decided to see a doctor and was told of blockages that hindered her blood from flowing through her body, causing immobilization. The concerned physician’s prognosis seemed to offer little hope of recovery to the impressionable thought of my mom. Her thinking back on events before her doctor’s visit, mom had been dealing with deeply rooted hurt feelings and loneliness of not being accepted by her sisters, even after many years of separation.

She agreed to allow me to pray for her. During that time, I was having complications with my home’s main drain because everything was flowing slow, immediate attention was needed. As you already know, without some form of prevention, things build up in our lives until the belief tries to manifest as some discordant health condition or other stagnant circumstances.

To fix the plumbing and heal my mom, I needed to raise my consciousness of Love’s atmosphere, as my present reality. I realized how we are transparent Light of Truth and can only see individuals as a culmination of right ideas, in our below-the-surface view of humanity. I knew my mom could never be conscious of a limited model; She is Pure and innocent. With persistence, Truth strips away errors Mask; and, this allowed me to remove that beam from my view of all. Then ideas of maintenance and Love, which keep all flowing and spiritually growing without fear, came clear. I knew the drainpipe could only reflect the cleanliness of my mental home.

When seeming evil holds our attention captive by it’s mesmeric lie, we start seeing ourselves disconnected from Father-Mother, God. Don’t Settle For Less, By Being Impress.

We may seem susceptible to envy resentment, anger, hurt feelings, Lag or stagnation, as a result of a dream we call animal magnetism, carnal thinking. It is all a lie! Unfortunately, giving consent to it’s nothingness, we have built a case against ourselves, resulting in inharmonious circumstances.

Just as a clogged drain doesn’t happen, overnight. Sometimes mortal mental baggage overlay our thinking, one consent at a time. The beam in our view, – Christ Jesus explained it as a destructive judgment from a material limited critical view of others and ourselves. As we awaken from this dream, we realize right ideas start from Soul and are readily manifesting as the new actual. In short, remove the plank and we advancing beyond what seems solid and oppressive.

A Flower does not obtain beauty from the seed; it is the Idea ever-held perfect in Soul manifesting the highest understood concept of flower, unfolding. As we claim the counter-fact described in many instances in the Bible, God’s eternal harmony takes over the landscape of our conscious view and experience. Our real worth never fluctuates, and it is never subject to mortal opinion.

Remember, protect not the things of this world, they are counterfeit, open to rust and corruption as a thing. Love the idea, and the entire environment will transition toward your harmony.

We cannot claim the money as supply even if it was experienced as a temporal good in the mortal past, neither can we claim the negative past circumstances as a current reality. Don’t Give it power! Our heritage is “lasting good”, and eternal in the Present. Persistence has it’s reward.

Although the descriptions of the past may appear good or bad as material-based pictures, it is a mortal lie trying to pull our attention away from the perpetual good, in conscious reality.

Father-Mother, God, is a present help in times of need, and our needs are met through our daily bread, by the word of God. All right ideas are held perfect in God, so never condemning yourself.

Go to the source of our being in Soul, and stop spinning the wheels of mortality’s stagnant dream, though it seems oh so real. Refuse to give it consent, and claim our true heritage in the eternal Now, which are a collection of thoughts or imperishable ideas held in the Kingdom of Heaven, within you. This elevated thought will establish the counter-fact, to our daily experience. Others may not see it or experience it initially, but soon bless by the renewal of their Mind. No mortal thought or circumstance can touch us or anyone within the radius of our thought on this divinely inspired day.

Standing By Truth, You Will Be Poised for Victory,

We must affirm Truth, and challenge error’s nothingness. Just like that pipe being clogged with oil, hair, etc. It requires a heavy liquid to chemicalize the clog. The liquid is heavy to penetrate deep down into the water. That same concept is what Prayer is all about, affirming the Truth until a clear understanding is experienced by thought and deed. Watch the fading of envy, resentment, anger, hurt feeling, lag, stagnation, false traits, or limited circumstances.

When this change takes place, the flow of Love will enter in small tangible ways as we allow God’s plan to purge us clean, and His likeness is made manifest.

Again, others may not see it but that’s ok, we are all at different places in our understanding. Keep in Mind, Just like the Drain Sludge floating to the top after chemicalization (initially looks discouragingly nasty).

As we affirm the Truth, it acts in the same fashion when the Holy Spirit purges the Lie. The lie bubbles to the top because it is foreign to us and is self-destroyed. During this trying time of trials, stay the course and focus on the prize, the glory of God. ((Light fills all space)) Don’t let up! Allowing Truth to make naught of those lies. Now, the barn is within reach.

Our Expectation Are equate, a renewed Manifesting,

Affirming the Truth and denying consent to the nothingness, so, the dream destroys itself. To clean our pipes after the clog is free, we would run hot water to purge it free of foreign material. The Holy Spirit does the same thing by sending the unlike to the fire.

To be still, “present with the Lord”, is to have the actual demonstration and understanding of Life as revealed in God. To be “with the Lord” is to be in obedience to the law of God, and to be governed by divine Love,— by Spirit (2 Corinthians 5:8).

Hold steadfast to this fact, and remember the Bible says, “Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you” (2 Chronicles 20:17)

Now we know, divine Love is the best drain and life cleaner. It allows us to see the nothingness of the fowler or noisome pestilence that tries to steal our noonday Blessings as the Bible explains in Psalms 91.

We All Are Restored by Demonstrating The Word Of God, and then Our expectation turns into new manifestation, and environment.

Our investment in prayer will pay back dividends ten folds; Stock market woes cannot shake the principle of Divine Mind. In claiming our heritage of health, happiness, and harmony, we should always deny the oppressive picture presented by mortal mind. Then we will see our life experience reflecting a raised consciousness. Our proper identification is just a Heavenly thought away. Truth takes us beyond the impossible. The Bible, in the book of Romans reads, “To be spiritual minded is” to open the door to a Life full of possibilities.

My mother is doing better now and her body systems are flowing as her understanding and expression of Divine Love is unfolding. The Bible explained, “ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

My mom came to understand God loved us first; so, her expressing love to others was her way of glorifying and appreciating Father-Mother, God. Finally, the dream of being mentally depressed gave way to ideas divinely expressed, when she allowed God to do the rest.